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Budget Kitchen Cabinets

Are your cabinets turning out to be an embarrassment for your kitchen? Budget kitchen cabinets are the solution! Have you thought or planned of altering your kitchen cabinet? Researched data shows that you will spend half your kitchen modernisation budget on kitchen cabinets. However, if you decide on installing budget kitchen cabinets, you can reduce the finances substantially.

budget kitchen cabinets

If you decide to save money, do some research and be ready to slightly think outside the common kitchen cabinetry. Budget does not mean cheap kitchen cabinets. You just need to know the construction process and have knowledge about the options available. You can really get quality cabinets with smaller investments.

You can purchase pre-built stock kitchen cabinets or decide on custom built ones.

Custom cabinets are expensive, but being custom built utilise your kitchen space most effectively. Custom cabinets can match any style be it rustic and can mould suitably to the current look of your kitchen. The materials used for these cabinets are of the best quality.

Stock cabinets are built to be affordable but are limited in their shape and styles. They would be difficult to install in odd shaped cabinets or walls that aren’t precisely even or straight. Although coming in designs that are aesthetic in appeal (as they use bizarre woods and finishes) these cabinets have considerable limitations for budget households.

Semi custom kitchen cabinets allow some customisations. These are available in a variety of styles and finishes. The size can be adjusted and are made to order using measurements of your kitchen.

Do check the material with which the cabinet is made as that adds to the cost of the cabinet. Good wood like maple or mahogany will be costly, oak will be cheaper. Plywood can be a good and much cheaper option. You can also check the metal kitchen cabinets that are mostly made of stainless steel.

You can choose distressed kitchen cabinets as they flawlessly harmonize country or rustic decor. These budget kitchen cabinets can be painted easily and surprisingly can change the entire look of your kitchen.

If you have shoestring budgets then you should opt for salvaged kitchen cabinets. You can impart whatever quality you want for your kitchen cabinet when you get your hands on a nice salvaged model.

Ready to assemble or unassembled kitchen cabinets are also affordable. These unfinished or unassembled cabinets arrive at your place ready for you to create your magic on them. You can just assemble them and start using.

If you want some style added, depending on the material used you can stain or paint it. You can easily refer to out How to Build Kitchen Cabinets or How to Install Kitchen Cabinets for help on these.

However, if you are seriously interested on carrying out this job, I strongly suggest you get my Kitchen Cabinets eBook which contains detailed step by step processes. Believe it, the dimes you will spend here will help you save hundreds of $$ in the long run!

Home improvement stores often showcase budget kitchen cabinets during their seasonal sales. Cabinets available on sale can be assembled or unfinished. There are also stores that specialise in selling discount products. Check out auction houses, if you have the knowledge, you can really strike a great deal.

Online stores also offer great discounts. Do not forget eBay! If you show some patience you may get a good quality kitchen cabinet, which someone may be ready to sell at throwaway prices.

Once you have acquired your kitchen cabinet, you may need to do some repair work and create a finish to match your style. You can finish it with solid or transparent paints like varnish. To enhance the finish you may need to do some distressing and polishing to make the cabinet complement your kitchen. Do remember the finishing you do will affect the colour, lustre and feel of your cabinet.

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