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Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Let's go over cleaning kitchen cabinets. Invention and innovation are the part and parcel of our modern society. In this day and age, not only living rooms and bathrooms are equipped with modern devices but also innovation has paved the way to your kitchen styling and décor. Kitchen cabinets can be termed as “the-key” to your kitchen fabrication; hence it is always important for you to go for the right piece of the same. Organizing your kitchen cabinets cannot be the final word of action! Cleaning kitchen cabinets is also important!!

cleaning kitchen cabinets

Many individuals do question on “How to organize kitchen cabinets?”, “How to find the right kitchen cabinet?”, “How to add a new look to a kitchen?” and often leaves the question of keeping a kitchen cabinet clean! Why? Cleaning keeps a cabinet healthy and beautiful ever after…so why don’t we think of keeping it clean?

Most of our household prefers wood kitchen cabinets due to its chic features and range of availability…so let’s discuss on how to keep your wood kitchen cabinets organized and clean to imitate the ray of being fresh years after years without any concern.

Many have a notion that cleaning kitchen cabinets is a real tough job but I say it can be done just with a client of your fingertips.  People who believe it’s a tough call often pick “special” solution e-books!! Trust my words it is much easier that what you are thinking right now…

First Place Damages - How to organize kitchen cabinets safely

Most of the wood kitchen cabinets incur damages from light, physical cruelties and oxidations. Hence it is better to keep lower number of windows to avoid high light beams to your cabinet, keep your cabinets dry and clean before handed to keep it in a good shape. Oxidation is natural and there is no treatment as long as there is life! So no need to feel glum, the better you organize kitchen cabinets, easier it is to clean

Conversion Finish - ultraviolet-curing finish, epoxy finish, moisture-curing polyurethane, pre-catalyzed and catalyzed lacquer finishes.

Lacquer and conversion are the most common finishes found on any kitchen cabinet.  The cabinet industry mainly goes for the conversion finish as it is highly durable, dries up faster and long-lasting.  Conversion finish also makes a product ‘heat resistant’ and is being used since 1930. Conversion finished cabinets are always easy to clean so plan the right one before you buy.

Don’t panic! Conversion finish is not the only one that can be kept dirt-free; all the above finishes can be kept fresh and new with some water, a soft cotton fabric and gentle soap. You can clean the cabinets using water and soap but always ensure to make it dry once you are done with the job. Further you can also use some lemon oil if your cabinet is looking “dull & dreary“. But lemon oil can create a problem if you want to refinish your cabinet in future as lemon oil forms a layer on the existing finish and can be a concern for you in future…

More about lemon oil

Do not use lemon oil before six months on conversion and lacquer finishes. Though they dry fast but acquire 100% cure before six months time.  Within this six month you can simply use water and mild soap for the purpose.

You can also opt for quality furniture polish as too much of water treatment can damage your kitchen cabinet.  Further you can find an array of oil soaps available in the local market, example Murphy’s oil soap – a good cleaner for your need!

Nowadays, oil finished cabinets are rare to find! Oil finished cabinets are unique and needs no treatment for years. In terms of the ease of cleaning kitchen cabinets, they even outshine any metal kitchen cabinets. You can only find bead board kitchen cabinets that can fall into this category…though their prices are on the higher side as they were custom builds from a single log with delicate intricacies.

If required you can also clean your board kitchen cabinets using mild soap and water, make it dry and apply some oil influenced liquid to its surface. You may have to do the oil treatments twice or thrice as it soaks the oil and keeps the wood worth!

Organizing kitchen cabinets cannot be the end of play, keeping your kitchen cabinet clean is also imperative. If you want to know more about cleaning kitchen cabinets using DIY technique please feel free to get in touch with us.

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