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Discounted Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

The prices of discounted unfinished kitchen cabinets are much lesser than cost of new kitchen cabinets. Also, unassembled kitchen cabinets are cheap and within budget

discounted unfinished kitchen cabinets

Are you the one who loves to do things yourself? If yes then you can transform your kitchen with discounted unfinished kitchen cabinets. These are not stained, not varnished and you can sand them as you wish. Oh, did I forget to tell you? They are affordable too!

Consider the cost of new kitchen cabinets…. Statistics show that you spend about 50% of your kitchen-remodelling budget for cabinets.

While thinking about kitchen cabinets remodel, you can save money by opting for these unfinished kitchen cabinets. These cheap kitchen cabinets offer you the choice of custom designing your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you make the decision.

Measure your kitchen and pen down a complete plan to place your kitchen cabinet. Do not forget to include plumbing and other accessories as a part of your blueprint. Determining the perfect kitchen cabinet sizes is critically important.

Consider your storage requirements while planning your kitchen. Make a list of items that you would love to include as your kitchen cabinetry.

Take inspiration from home improvement magazines and my Newsletter series. Mould your personal style with the ideas you have put together. Get acquainted with the types of kitchen cabinets available and their durability.

You can also get a whole range of Kitchen cabinet ideas browsing various cabinetry websites. These include coloured photographs and prices. Also have a look at my Kitchen Cabinets Pictures section and it will provide you good pointers. Before making the final choices consider all the above factors.

Now you need to shop for your kitchen cabinet.  Getting the finest quality and within your budgets can be quite challenging. Remember to buy budget kitchen cabinets- That does not mean the cabinet has to be cheap in quality and looks.

Start by checking the yellows pages for local vendors who deal in discounted unfinished kitchen cabinets. You can also browse online stores if you plan to buy kitchen cabinets online. Compare and judge the price, sturdiness and quality to get the best offer. Do not forget to check the warranty, after sales service and ratings for these products.

Check the hardware that will come with the unfinished cabinetry. These are the metal fittings built-in to you kitchen cabinet. Hinges are normally made of metal, while pulls can be fashioned of wood or plastic.

Drawer slides in your cabinet should be made of metal instead of wood; metal gives you superior quality of slides. Take special care while selecting knobs for kitchen cabinets.

Always keep your plan in mind while shopping. Check how the cabinet drawers and doors open. The cabinet should not block the doorways and interfere with the empty space in your kitchen.

If you have decided to purchase from retailers, home improvement centres or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets manufacturers, do take photos while visiting the stores. Along with it you can later discuss the looks with members of your family or even imagine how it will look in your kitchen. These will also help you search them online.

While shopping for discounted unfinished kitchen cabinets, consider the ready to assemble options. The prices of unassembled kitchen cabinets will be lower but then you will need to assemble these on your own or used hired labour.

Calculate the delivery charges and taxes. These add to your costs. With a little research you can get stores offering free shipping. Finally do not forget to check the carcass before installing. Repairing defects after installation can be difficult. Get a hold of my Award Winning Kitchen Cabinets eBook as it explains step by step on how to install kitchen cabinets. So that you don’t end up committing common blunders J

Once you have made the purchase, apply your personal touches to the unfinished kitchen cabinets. The finish will not only be marvellous, but you will also enjoy your savings.

More information on discounted unfinished kitchen cabinets.

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