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European Style Kitchen Cabinets

Familiar with European style kitchen cabinets? Remodelling can a nice option to give your kitchen cabinet a new look. You can find an array of choices that can be incorporated on your existing kitchen cabinets.

european style kitchen cabinets

Let's cover some important facets and tips of fabricating the kitchen cabinets into European style kitchen cabinets. This article can guide you to fabricate your kitchen cabinet with a European style finish.

I have done several fabrication jobs and this is nothing but the in-hand experiences I gathered while working. I started my experimentation with European kitchen cabinets, hence a reason why I picked the same as today’s topic.

Starting with the cabinet walls, a cabinet needs to be strong, effective and can last for ages. Hence it is important to use particle boards of 5-8 mm thick. You can also go for melamine if needed, most of the manufactures do.

In some cases to save money, people also opts for vinyl coated boards. You have your independence of making a decision, so make it…

For the door hinges you can go for European door hinges! Mount them into the holes that were drilled on your cabinet doors for the purpose. You will need 3 pairs of quarter inch screws to get it attached with the cabinet doors.

Drawer Slides
You can find an array of drawer slides in the market. If you want to make your job easy and hassle-free then go for closing drawer slides with white epoxy coating. You can also use the same screw types that you have used for the door hinges i.e. quarter inch ones.

Cabinet Foot
For the cabinet footer it is essential to craft it with care, use either pine or thick plywood for the purpose. The wood or ply should be thick enough to hold the cabinet from head to toe, recommended minimum of an inch for the purpose.

Strong footer not only withstands the cabinet weight but also protects the cabinets from regular moping and other water linked damages.

Hence if you notice carefully, you will find that most of the European style kitchen cabinets have footer (toe) bases, crafted singly from the cabinet boxes.

Apt Tools
Using right screwdriver and screws are imperative. Always go for screws with square drive tips. It makes the work easier and aids proper grip. Yes, for screwing, a square head screwdriver is the best.

If you are thinking more professional and have handful of resources then you can easily borrow electric screwdrivers and make the work unimaginatively fast.

You can find many branded electronic screwdrivers; Phillips is the one I recommend. This is not at all a promotion for Phillips, I have one of the same and it works fine, hence suggested for the purpose. By the way you can have your own pick for sure.

The top rails of the base cabinet should be cut out of 3 quarters of thick plywood. The reason is to offer maximum support for the counter tops and prevent the same from damages, caused due to counter movement.

To make your project long lasting like the profession ones, you need to be quite careful with the assembling part like glue, screws, staples and many more.

If you take care of these three, I guarantee that your project will serve you for lifetime.

If you find my topic boring or something that be achieved then you can opt for other cabinet options like Italian kitchen cabinets, Amish kitchen cabinets (if you have higher budgets) and many more.

Avoid devoting your soulful try-outs on contemporary kitchen cabinets, as I personally sense that a contemporary cabinet is already filled with all the modern gadgets we have these days. So it’s just a waste of time to start your fabrication works with an already modernised unit. You can quit the option for now.

Internet gives you the opportunity to find readymade solutions for you. All you need is to browse through your requirements and pick the right option for you. Yes, this will be much easy for an individual to achieve.

But if you want to go for DIY and save hundreds of dollars then you can surely go for European style kitchen cabinets fabrication using DIY techniques.

To know more feel free to get in touch with me and let me try my best to serve you with the latest updates. Awaiting your feedback guys!

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