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Glazing kitchen cabinets

Glazing kitchen cabinets is regarded as one of the finest traditions to offer your remodelled kitchen cabinet an antique look and feel. The huge acceptance of this practice is due to its originality, the glaze coating on a pained cabinet offers an aged look to the surface, making the cabinet look like an antique! And it is of absolute contentment to get an item that reminds of “time-machine” and can easily standby to any home décor and settings.

Glazing kitchen cabinets

Can I use it on stain kitchen cabinets? Yes, off course, glazing can be incorporated to any exterior that has already been stained, stencilled or shine painted. It can offer an array of enhancement to your kitchen setup.

Glazing can also be used for highlighting cabinet doors, edges etc. to enhance its beauty and freshness. All you need is to have a creative contemplation to make your kitchen decoration worth and attain its peak to success, that’s all!

You can use glazing on your unfinished kitchen cabinets to call it as done or can also add several enhancements while you refinish kitchen cabinets to give it a complete new look. Glazing can furnish you with any décor requirements. All you need is to plan the purpose of using the method tactfully.

Many often question on “how to refinish kitchen cabinets with a nice paint job on the exterior to make it appear fresh and new?” Yes, I have your answer…paint job is the most significant part of refinishing a kitchen cabinet.

In terms of a final touch it is always recommended to perform a quality paint job for your old cabinets. You can use stain, lacquer or shine paint for making it new-fangled. Further adding a glaze cast on the painted surface will surely add more enrichment to your job. So go for it!

Glaze is often used as “wash” it is nothing but a mix of paint and water or solvent. In general it is used as a part of painting process using water, which is termed as “wash” on the other hand a thin paint, mixed with glazing solutions is termed as “glazing”.

Premixed glazes are available in the market, you can easily find them on any paint shop but it is always better to prepare your own mix as per your requirement to make it more unique.

Glaze can be mixed in different ratio depending on the type of paint layers you want on board. In general 1:1 is regarded as a common mix but there is always a chance of experimentation. You can alter the mix ratio by using 1:3 or 3:3 combinations.

Preparation is key to achieve success and if it is about improving your home decor then you can consider this as a thumb-rule by default. If you want to start off with the cabinet door glazing, first you need to unbolt all the other hardware including door knobs, hinges etc and place it flat on your work station. Ensure the surface you are going to paint should be clean otherwise it can be a mess.

Yes I know you have identified the reason behind but still it is better to recollect rather than messing things up.

Finally, take the right pair of paint brushes before you jump start with the process. Paint brushes gives you the type of paint layers you want for your cabinet. Hard brushes give a rustic touch whereas soft toned brushes offer smoothness. It is always better to have a chat with your local paint shop before starting with the DIY glazing process.

They can guide you the best depending on the type of wood cabinet you will be glazing, quality of paint you have selected, condition of your kitchen cabinet etc. You can indisputably have a cumulative guidance that can make your “glazing kitchen cabinets” project a dream venture.

Glazing Kitchen Cabinets is quite easy only if you offer some care and tact to it. Otherwise it can revolt back to you. So give time to your project, remember your dos and don’ts before it is too late.

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