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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Thinking about “how to install kitchen cabinets” using DIY (do it yourself) technique? DIY is the preeminent way to scrimp and save your over cost and making the project a part of your celebration. Installing kitchen cabinets can be amusing; strategic planning and the right piece of hardware are the two keys to success.

how to install kitchen cabinets

These two can make your work simple and effective for sure.

“Plan before you start…” – I believe this phrase has now become a familiar expression for me and you. So be positive and plan successfully before you jump start with the installing bits. You may need a partner for the process as installing a cabinet alone is a tough call for an average individual.

The process of installing and building kitchen cabinets can be a part of your learning curves. So keep on learning new technique and tricks to make your job technically sound and creative, nevertheless of lesser stress.

Let me start the signature steps of how to hang kitchen cabinets using DIY technique.

Your initial step on how to install kitchen cabinets would be to assemble your kitchen cabinet as per the instructions available to ensure a good start.

1) Start the position marking on your kitchen wall. Surely you can take help of a pencil to mark the areas! Keep your wall positioning to level and avoid interference of any electrical outlets or of thing to this nature. Make sure to take the right strategy before installing.

2) Always start with the wall or floor cabinet installation. You can also come up with our own plan to make the work unique and easy for you to handle (as you will be the one doing this, not me).

You can always have the options to do it the other way around, feel free to experiment new ways to succeed.

3) Locate the studs using a stud locator and ensure to tie the same to the studs properly. Avoid using drywall screws instead use cabinet screws; the former will not be able to cope up with the cabinet weight.

4) Avoid cabinet splitting by guiding bore holes. It ensures cleanest joints. It’s a skill you need to master on how to install kitchen cabinets.

5) Keep your screw holes on level and screw on the cabinets to the wall studs at the top and bottom. Use additional screws if you find your cabinet is more heavy and sturdier.

6) To keep the cabinet on level, investigate the cabinet echelon properly and if need stuff wood slats as fillers to secure the needful.

7) It is helpful to install the corner cabinets first and then the rest otherwise you may end up with less space than projected.

8) I think you are done with the corner-cabinet installations. If you are now moving to the non-corner units then it is important to tie up the units first before you attach them on wall. This technique ensures flat fronts for the units.

9) Employ “shims”, a special type of wood piece - if you think your cabinet is muscular. Shims are mostly used for wall cabinet installations to underpin the bulk.

10) Finally be careful whenever doing the installation bits. This is not at all a single handed practice hence needs a partner to help you out of this. Especially if it is about upholding the kitchen cabinets on your wall!!

Employ empty paint buckets or cans underneath the units to incur support. Ask your partner to hold the work tight and start the screwing. A little fluctuated concentration may result something unforeseen. So concentrate.

Once you are done with the screwing bits, remove the supports cautiously.

So this is all about “how to install kitchen cabinets” from me. Though it is tough to articulate all the tricks on a single article and so feel free to get in touch with me and let me guide you with more facts. Thank You!

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