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IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Installing your own IKEA kitchen cabinets can be a very rewarding and cost-saving venture. Buying kitchen cabinets is easy to do since there are many stores that sell complete kitchen units that can be brought home in flat-packed boxes. It is not necessary to build your own cabinets unless that is something you desire to do. Usually it is the price of professional installation that adds most of the expense to kitchen renovation. It is not always a good idea to go with cheap labor since the end result is often very unsatisfactory.

After having no luck finding reasonably priced discount kitchen cabinets installer many people opt to do the job themselves. There are so many DIY magazines and websites that give detailed instructions that many people find they are able to accomplish this job fairly easily. The most essential part of IKEA kitchen cabinets installation is having the right tools on hand to do the job properly the first time. There is nothing worse than having ill-fitting or crooked cabinets that do not stand up to the heavy-duty use that most kitchens endure.

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The right instructions and the right tools make all the difference in doing a professional looking cabinet installation. Following instructions, that come with the cabinets or in DIY magazines, is usually simple enough for most people to manage without help. Many people have at one point or another put up bookshelves or put together some other piece of furniture. Installing kitchen cabinets is essentially no different except that it requires more specialized tools. It can get frustrating when the right tools are not on hand to perform each part of the installation properly.

Not having the right tools can make it difficult to install all the IKEA kitchen cabinets components without difficulty. Installing the kitchen cabinets does not have to be a long and laborious process. Performing the job safely is of utmost importance since it is easy to get injured if all safety precautions are not followed. Having the proper tools is an important step in safely installing the kitchen. Many people do not wish to buy all the tools required. Very often it is possible to rent these tools for the duration of the installation.

Installing IKEA kitchen cabinets requires precision and manual dexterity, but this is definitely not out of the scope of most individuals capabilities. The most important pieces of equipment for the kitchen installer are the safety equipment necessary to perform the task without injury. The safety equipment includes safety goggles, gloves and a mask. Always wearing goggles when performing any kind of DIY installation project, is probably the most important advice that anyone can heed.

Various other tasks will require a mask to prevent the inhalation of chemical fumes or sawdust, all of which are very unhealthy for the lungs even at low levels. Pliers and grips are required tools as well as a countersink. A jigsaw and cordless drill/driver that comes with various screwdriver bits is also required. Many people already have an electric power drill with masonry bits so this piece of equipment usually poses no problem to obtain.
There are several tools required that will give the finished project a polished and professional appearance. Spirit levels are essential to ensure that the cabinets are fitted evenly. Two sizes will be required, on of 600 mm and the other of 1200 mm. It is of course possible to perform measurements with a measuring tape and then draw lines on the wall, but using a level makes the process so much easier and more accurate.

There are several kitchen cabinet kits that are required. A hammer and screwdrivers of various sizes are indispensable tools. The screwdrivers should include both pozidrive and slotted heads. Chisels should be included for both wood and brick. A combination square and a file are other essential items

Common materials used are silicone sealant and contact adhesive. Screws of various sizes and two-part mitre adhesive are also on the list. Masking tape is essential when installing dark material. The use of Elu power tools requires careful safety preparations but makes the installation a lot easier.

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