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Making Kitchen Cabinets

A proper set of plan can ensure making kitchen cabinets yourselves. These kinds of techniques were not taught to us at schools, these are self-education bits!

making kitchen cabinets

I experimented the same myself to offer my home kitchen a new look. For the initial bits I did all the remodelling needed for my home and finally went for the kitchen décor.

In my later half I wrote many articles on ‘how to build kitchen cabinets’, ‘how to build your own kitchen cabinets’ etc.

So there is always a chance to experiment and get involved in jobs that can give something new to your home and the décor.

Do you think the manufactured kitchen cabinets are better than the custom ones? Well for my project I planned the floor covering first and then the titles. Then thought of buying a kitchen cabinet as it was looking too hard for me to go custom.

Hence I went to my local cabinet shore and started haunting for the right unit for my project. To be honest I didn’t come up with the one that I can count as ‘Liked’. Especially the quality was not up to the mark whereas the prices were too high to switch on.

Buying a kitchen cabinet is an investment, so it is of concern that most of the manufactured cabinets are often glued and stapled together for manufactures benefit i.e. cost cutting. Hence the question of quality has always remained on the dark side of this business while making kitchen cabinets.

Further finding the right piece of unit with the right colour shade was often found impossible to me. Further the installation cost is an added need for any cabinetry work.  I hope now you can imagine the total cost and the needful concerns of buying a kitchen cabinet!

Hence I thought of going for the procedure for my own, starting with wood! Yes I opt for some nice and hard woods like maple, pine etc. and took notes for the purpose.  I selected these kinds of wood because they can be shaded as per need and want.

Once I reached home, I started thinking that cabinetry is not at all a task of question! It can be done with proper planning. Hence I went online and started browsing for the right plan program for the job.

Trust me thousands of programs were found available on the Internet. It took less than an hour to find and finalise the blueprint for my work.

With the blueprint in hand, I started with the measuring bits. I measure the kitchen walls for the cabinets and calculated the wood required for the work. I was enthralled to found that the cost was just one-fifth of what I was looking for in stores.

If you are non-pro, I recommend not to start you DIY with building frameless kitchen cabinets. A frameless cabinet needs loads of checks and understanding and I believe it will not be a wise decision to go with something critical at the initial stage.

You have all rights to start your initial experiment with RTA or ready to assemble kitchen cabinets using DIY. The main reason behind is that, it comes with a ready kit and blueprint with all the parts in ready-to-assemble stage that makes a non-pro feel more confident with the work and go step-by-step for each processes.

Building the cabinets is of real fun. Once I was done with the buying bits, I started with the cabinets’ one at a time to offer maximum concentration. I finished the small sections first as they were easier and moved towards the tough calls of making kitchen cabinets.

I realised that cabinets are just a set of boxes with doors and glasses. I picked the easiest door for the project as it was my first experiment in cabinetry works. I followed each and every step that was on the blueprint and finally called off by the end of third week.

I found I merely had spent a fraction of what I found on manufacturer’s stores. This was amazing to me and I still remember those days when I write something of doing kitchen cabinets DIY.

I hope my article on making kitchen cabinets has provided you with loads of enthusiasm. So if you are ready, let’s get started with the work. I am sure you will succeed!

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