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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to give your kitchen a face lift? Hang on and I will share the secrets of painting kitchen cabinets. Even though there are various expensive methods of enhancing the look of your kitchen the cheapest and the easiest way of achieving this is by painting old kitchen cabinets.

These days, there are so many varieties of colors and effects that can be used for the cabinets and help in creating a refreshing look for the entire kitchen room. Since the kitchen is a place where the entire family bonds together over meals, you need to use colors that brighten the area and add genuine value to your entire room. Also, ensure that you make the right paint choices, based on your current wall color of your home.

painting kitchen cabinets painting kitchen cabinets Alternate

You can choose from a wide range of color schemes that are readily available in the market. On one of my previous pages, I have spoken about the most popular color themes and how they should be used. Looking at that page you can choose one of these that might readily fit your requirement:

  1. Black kitchen cabinets
  2. White kitchen cabinet

This two are the most popular kitchen cabinets paint and is used in 30% households in US. Additionally, these days the more trendy and bold options are:

  1. Cherry kitchen cabinets
  2. Green kitchen cabinets and
  3. Red kitchen cabinets

If you have a low painting budget, you can decide to paint kitchen cabinets by yourself. Visit online video sites and watch some video tutorials on how to paint a cabinet. Once you catch upon the right source of learning material, you should carefully follow the steps for kitchen cabinets painting.

Painting kitchen cabinets may sound easy but it’s best done by following a few rules. Here are a set of ready instructions on how to paint kitchen cabinets.

Follow the basics when painting kitchen cabinets:

Before you start painting your cabinets, you need to take down all the cabinet doors and remove all the hardware that is attached to it. Then begin sanding by using fine sandpaper. Sanding is a time consuming process but it is an important step to allow the point to stick to the surface. Never miss this step if you are painting it for the first time or if you are painting wood kitchen cabinets!

Use Primer:

Once the cabinets are scraped well with the sandpaper, it’s time to add a layer of primer. Make use of a good formulated primer, in order to allow it to settle properly on the required cabinet surfaces. This step is important, especially if you are repainting kitchen cabinetsover a painted layer that is glossy in nature. Applying Primer is like marinating the chicken before preparation. The better the marinating, the better the better the taste of the finished product.

Apply Paint:

After having primed the cabinet doors, it now needs to be dried properly before painting. You can then start applying several thin coatings of paint on the cabinet doors, instead of applying one thick coat. Ensure that the paint dries between each coat. When the paint on the cabinet doors gets completely dry, you can start to reassemble the cabinet.

For faux painting for kitchen cabinets, building a Quality drywall is a most important process. If you the nor sure, how to do this, read the faux painting page for more information

There are various options, when it comes to the task of painting kitchen cabinets. For painting painting wood kitchen cabinets, you can use natural oak limed finish to an antique paint finish. It all depends upon your requirement. Instead of spending lot of money on brand new cabinets for your kitchen, consider painting the cabinets. I call it as the most affordable option.

When you decide to paint the kitchen cabinets, make sure that you pick the right color, in order to match your décor. Visit your local painting supply store and have a look at various painting supply store and have a look at various paint chips. You can take these color chips at home and review them accordingly. This step will help you to know exactly what color you want to get started with.

Painting kitchen cabinets allow you to update the look of your kitchen in a relatively easy and inexpensive way. Also this might be the perfect solution to your staining kitchen cabinets as after painting, they will look as good as new!

If however, you are still unsure how to paint kitchen cabinet, please feel free to “Ask Me” and I will be more than glad to answer back.

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