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Reface Kitchen Cabinets

It is possible to completely update the look of your kitchen if you choose to reface kitchen cabinets and drawers. A simple coat of paint and some new door knobs or pulls may sometimes be all that is needed to revamp an aging kitchen. This is the cost-effective way to change the look of the kitchen and can add years of life to a kitchen that had previously seemed worn and dated.

reface kitchen cabinets

There are two types of attachments that can be put on cabinets and drawers to easily allow them to be opened. Knobs are attached to the door or drawer with only one screw, whereas a pull is attached by two or more screws depending on size and design. A pull is another name that is used for handles.

When buying pulls the measurement will be referred to as a center-to-center dimension. This may be indicated as drill centers or CC in the hardware listing. This measurement indicates the distance between the points of attachment on the handle or pull. This dimension is important to reface kitchen cabinets when an existing handle is being replaced because the existing screw holes will need to be matched.

If they do not match then you will have to create new holes and put plugs in the existing ones. This may show through even if the cabinet is repainted so it is best to stick with the already existing dimensions. It is possible to buy a pull handle with a back-plate so that any existing holes that do not match will be covered by the plate

While refacing kitchen cabinets choosing between pulls and knobs it is important to remember that handles are usually easier to grasp and pull than are knobs. Knobs are harder to pull because generally only the tips of the fingers are able to be put around a knob, whereas door handles allow most of the fingers to be able to grasp the handle. This difference can be important for people who do not have adequate finger strength, such as people with arthritis or the disabled.

It is important that the knob or handle chosen feels comfortable in your hand because kitchen cabinets are some of the most widely used doors in the home. There are many interesting designs on the market, such as starfish knobs for kitchen cabinets, but they may feel very awkward in the hand. It is a good idea to test the feel of the knob or pull before a decision is made.

Look out for knobs or pulls that stick out and can catch on clothing. Cabinet pulls that have free ends can get caught in pleats or pockets if they are located on lower cabinets. This can cause tearing of the material if the wearer is not aware that the material is caught in the handle. Handles with extensions can cause the same problem with clothing getting caught in them.

Knobs that are full or round are far less likely to get caught in clothing than knobs that have irregular shapes or flatter faces.Before you reface kitchen cabinets, it is also important to be aware of this because getting a pocket caught on a pull or knob can cause the wearer to stumble and fall or drop what he is carrying. Knobs or handles that poke out too far at waist-height may be uncomfortable for anyone doing kitchen work as they may poke into the body.

Another variety of handle available is the drop handle. This handle dangles vertically from a small loop or hook. The user has to lift them up to a horizontal position to be able to pull open a cabinet drawer. Some people may find having to lift the handle up to be quite annoying and may wish to avoid this style of handle. The size of the knob or pull will have to be determined by how big or heavy a cabinet door or drawer is.


If the drawer is large then a small knob will make it much harder to open the drawer. Some older kitchen cabinets may also have magnetic or mechanical replacement doors for kitchen cabinets catches that require a bit of extra effort to open. In this case the door pull or knob should be of a more robust nature. New kitchen cabinets tend to have much easier to open doors and drawers. Some older kitchens can have very sticky drawers that require a bit of effort to open.

Many people do know how to reface kitchen cabinets, never consider the fact that door knobs and pulls can incur wear-and-tear. Over time the color of the handle may change due to heavy use. Another fact to consider to reface kitchen cabinets is that the wood around the handle will change color after a long time of being used frequently. For this reason it may be advisable to use taller knobs or handles instead. It is a good idea to buy more knobs and handles than you need.

The reason such type of kitchen cabinets refacing is that it can occur that a handle may need to be replaced and the style of handle may have been discontinued. New designs are always coming out and to avoid the expense of having to replace all the knobs or handles it is best to have extra on hand. It is also important to remember that knobs and pulls will get splattered with grease during cooking and grime can build up over time. Intricate designs are more difficult to clean than minimalistic designs.

Colors of the knobs or pulls are best decided by looking at some finished cabinets at the store or in a catalog to see what colors are best suited. Many door furniture stores have knowledgeable staff that can help to reface kitchen cabinets.

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